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Isla Global™


KameLo® is a safety workwear and gloves brand established by Isla Global.  Since 1980, we have been designing and manufacturing safety gloves and safety work-wear, growing the brand as well as our reputation in the Korean market. Isla Global started 40 years ago located near the shipyard, providing protective gloves to the workers in the shipping yards. Since then, we have evolved in terms of design ahead of the industry as time has advanced technology. 


Demands of workers in the type of safety equipment has evolved, putting the focus on quality of their personal protective equipment (PPE) and be provided with the best equipment for a job well done that provides the utmost protection. 

Our motto, "More than Protection" is aligned with the awareness the workers have with safety while on the job. We strive to be the messenger, the informer, the educator to the workers on leading designs to not only provide a high level of protection while on the job, but also comfort and dexterity to maximize their performance.


Our success in manufacturing is evident in our growth for we use the best quality raw materials sourced from our relationships with leading leather tanneries and have access to the best quality raw materials. We manufacture our designs in Korea, as well as in our international factories in China and Vietnam to service the growing needs of our customers at an effective price.


With exceptional craftsmanship and quality, Isla Global is in partnership with major companies in Korea and Japan who are global leaders in their industries within manufacturing and construction.


Our products, under our PPE brand, KameLo®, include a range of design patented leather protective gloves and welding gear. Our point of difference from our competitors is that we pride ourselves in our flexibility to tailor and innovate our safety wear designs as well as the materials used to cater to our client’s specific requirements. As a result, our customers are in direct contact with the manufacturer.


Our products, under the brand name KameLo®, are of the highest quality when it comes to guarding the wearer.


We are - KameLo® is "More than Protection"

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