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How to Keep Cool at Worksites

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Greetings from KameLo Safety :)

With August around the corner,

we would like to share with you some tips

on how to keep cool during the hot summer months at your worksite.

1. Safety Hats

- If you need a hard hat, make sure to cover your neck

with UV resistant cloth to reduce the risk of sunburns.

- Wear sunscreen on your neck and ears as well to protect from burns.

- If you are not wearing a hard hat, make sure you wear a

wide brimmed hat or a cap to cover your face from the sun.

Make sure to wear sunscreen.

2. Clothing

- Wear long-sleeves if possible.

If long sleeves are too hot, wear arm sleeves

made from UV-protected material.

- Wearing long sleeves can also protect you from mosquito bites.

- Long pants also protect from stings, cuts, and grazes

as well as providing sun protection.

3. Sunscreen

- Apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

- You should use sunscreen with at least SPF 30

4. Safety glasses with tinted lenses

- No matter how strong the sun is,

it's not good for one's eyes to look into the sun.

- Make sure that you wear sunglasses or safety glasses

with tinted lenses to protect your eyesight.

5. Lighter colors

- Lighter colored clothing offers better protection than darker clothing.

- Wear light clothes in cool, close-knit, UV protected fabric.

- Look for fabrics with sweat wicking properties that allows sweat to dry faster.

Other than the above tips,

take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water,

and remember to know your limits.

"KameLo, more than Protection."

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